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  • What is the regulation on vaping in Costa Rica

    If you are planning a little trip to a tropical paradise, you may have considered Costa Rica on the list of great destinations.  If you are a smoker, be advised that smoking is now banned.  Smoking in public places is not allowed and taxes for cigarettes has gone through the roof.  Sounds like a great place to vape right? Unfortunately, no there are a few regulations in Costa Rica you should be aware of if you are heading on vacation.

    First things first, vaping itself is not strictly illegal.  It is not exactly seen with a welcoming view, especially when it comes to law enforcement.  In the states, the industry is booming, but for Costa Rica, finding a legal distributor will be a difficult task.  If you are going on vacation here, make sure to keep everything disassembled through transport and only vape in well vented, nonpublic areas.  Be prepared to explain yourself, you may get questions from the local law.

    While vaping is not prohibited, the sales, distribution, marketing, and advertising for tobacco and tobacco related products are facing heavy sanctions.  Not only are their fines and higher prices, manufacturers have to place warning labels on at least 50% of the external packaging.  Unfortunately, vaping is not a regulated industry, and therefore, some of these tariffs are simply impossible to meet.  Good luck finding a legal vendor that carries vaping products.

    Most citizens and law enforcement are going to view vaping with a just because you can, doesn’t mean you should mentality.  If you do get questions, explain what it is and move on.  Try not to be overly conspicuous about what you are doing.  The law specifically calls attention to bars, restaurants, clubs, workplaces, and bus stops.  Again, you will not be detained, but you may find some vocal resistance from people who may not be fully aware of what vaping is.

    The best advice for going to Costa Rica with a vape is to come prepared.  Know what you are getting into, know the laws, and know your equipment.  Again, you will not find many vendors or manufacturers, so prepare accordingly.  Make sure you take extra parts such as coils and batteries, as you will likely not find a store that carries them.  Above all, keep your juice separate and bring how much you want on the trip, you likely will not be finding a place to refill on your vacation.

    Costa Rica along with a few other countries has adopted a strict outlook on cigarettes and the health risks associated with them.  Vaping is excluded in the ban, but make sure to prepare accordingly.  Take what you need on the trip with you, make sure it is disassembled and packaged.  Be prepared to explain yourself going through customs and you should be good.  Other than that, try not to stand out while you are doing it and nobody is going to bother you.  Of course, you may just want to find another vacation spot.

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