I ran into a man in a tavern who was complaining about the Costa Rica typical food.  “Who eats gallo pinto?”  That was his exact belch from his bar-stool just a few down from mine in a cozy bar in Santa Ana.

Naturally, he was complaining about it.  Turns out, the man was from Iceland.

After a few cold Imperials, we warmed up to one another and he shared with me a lot about his country.  While this has nothing to do with San Jose, or Costa Rica, I figured it was a worthy share.

I also consulted this url – https://www.allworld.com/what-do-they-eat-in-iceland/

What Type of Food Do People Eat in Iceland?

Iceland is a Scandinavian country with a whole lot to offer. If you stop by, you’ll get to see stunning naturally shaped vistas, an open clean landscape and a lot of land untouched by man or machine. A holiday in Iceland is truly a dream come true for anyone who wishes to escape their busy life and relax their worries away. One of the best things about visiting Iceland is being able to try out all the local cuisine and we have a guide prepared for you so you can start trying all the food you want.

Iceland Food

Yes, that is a Ram’s head.

The first delicacy to try is Icelandic dried fish which sounds strange but is loved by locals all across the country. This is made with mostly cod but sometimes haddock can also be used. The dried fish is normally seen as a high protein snack but locals also prefer to have it with lots of butter, salted or non, piled on top. This snack is often used to replace popcorn and locals love to eat it while they watch movies or just generally hangout at parties. It can’t be denied that this is definitely healthier than crisps or processed foods and hence it has been part of the national Icelandic diet for centuries. You must give it a try once you’re in Iceland.

The perfect hot meal to get you through any cold Icelandic winter day is a kind of stew made from lamb and some hearty root vegetables. This is the traditional lamb soup that is served up in almost every café or restaurant that you will stumble into. The soup cooks slowly and has a perfectly balanced flavor of potatoes, carrots, leeks and sometimes onions in it as well. If you need warming up, this soup should do the trick in a minute. You can eat it from the bowl with a spoon or combine it with traditional Icelandic bread to have a hearty, filling and rich meal.

Another food to try is the traditional rye bread. This is a dark bread which is baked by being steamed in wooden casks placed next to naturally occurring hot springs. The bread fluffs up as it cooks and actually looks and tastes more like cake than normal bread. This is because most bakers also sprinkle some sugar into the dough as it bakes, giving the bread its distinctive sweet, dense taste. You can eat it on its own or combine it with a number of different dishes such as fish, mutton or more. This bread is a must try and we recommend you have it as soon as you get to Iceland!

While Iceland has a lot of food for you to try, keep in mind that some of it includes delicacies that might not be eaten anymore and if you find them, will be crazy expensive. The list we have given has food that you will find anywhere and it also won’t break your budget! So feel free to add our suggestions to your bucket list and enjoy your time in Iceland to the max.

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