Things to Make Traveling to Costa Rica Easier

Travel Accessories

You may be planning a trip to Costa Rica soon and not really have much in store for you preparation wise.  What should you bring to Costa Rica?  Today we’ll share with you a general list of travel accessories that will make your journey a little easier.

Travel Accessories to Bring to Costa Rica

Before you decide to kick back and relax, remember that you will have to spend hours in a plane, with crying babies and a boring selection of movies on the TV provided. Why not prepare yourself to prevent any problems from developing? To have the best time possible, you will certainly need the best travel accessories available. This guide will help you in choosing the most efficient supplies to take on your trip between all three stages: packing, traveling and destination. You do not want to be travelling 10 plus hours, only to end up with swollen feet, a horrid back ache and an irritable attitude. Here’s how to avoid all those unpleasant things.

Cramming everything into a 1’x1’ foot box isn’t ideal, in that case, investing in packing cubes. These can really amp up your packing game. As suitcases usually have one section for you to stuff everything in somehow, getting these dividers can help make unpacking smoother. It also eases the pain of having to find that your dirty laundry wound up with your new clothes. The packing cubes are compact and can help you place things from undergarments to make up to shoes. You can ensure that your things will not get mixed up with your siblings. Compressible plastic bags can also make bulky clothes very concise and small, enough for you to fit in everything.

Traveling can be hectic, as it requires you to keep in hand legal documents that if get lost or torn, can prevent you from reaching your destination. A document organizer and passport holder can keep your documents safe and easy to access since it has many pockets built in. You can easily distinguish between your ticket and visa. It is imperative to have a hand carry such as backpack instead of a handbag that can weigh your shoulder down. An anti-theft, shockproof, water and fire resistant backpack big enough for your laptop can be very useful. A travel lock is very important is to have on all your suitcases as it keeps your belongings safe. Make sure to keep a compact electronic luggage scale that can make your journey easier. You won’t be forced to pay extra if your luggage is the right weight, and you won’t have to awkwardly unload some of your belongings to fit the airplane’s restricted cargo.

Contracting germs and dry skin is very common when traveling. Keeping hand sanitizer, lotion and lip balm can be useful. Taking care of oneself is important, so is staying comfortable. Having an ergonomic neck pillow can help your posture stay upright. You can avoid back aches, neck cramps and even painful migraines. A sleeping mask is a plus to get some relaxing shut eye, with some noise cancelling headphones, you can easily sleep the flight away. For added comfort, compression socks can help keep the blood circulation in your legs active, hence, keeping them warm throughout. The best accessory to keep is a sweater, cardigan or jacket to keep you warm in case. It may not sound like much, but traveling for more than ten hours may not just tire out your body. Mentally, you will need to be kept busy with some form of entertainment. An iPad, iPod, tablet or a kindle can ease that boredom. Having a nice book or your personal collection of movies and games can really make time pass faster. A better option is for you to buy an earphone jack splitter that can let you and your travel partner watch the same show, together. A portable Wi-fi dongle can enable you to stream movies or remain connected with loved ones. A multi USB charger can help you keep all your electronics charged. A powerful power bank with the capacity of 5000mh or 8000mh is ideal when going on long flights.

Once you have reached the destination of your choice, and then make sure to be aware of the practical issues. Foreign hotels will not have the outlets that you are used to, and for that you will need to have an all purpose international adapter. This will let you attach any socket possible, as it has many different outlets built into it. What’s more, keeping a USB cable with several heads designed for different electronics is always a plus, as you can attach several electronics with just one adapter. This lessens the mess and the amount of cables you need to keep. A cable and digital adapter can be extremely efficient in organization. By having pockets and sections for different cables, it prevents them from being tangled or damaged. For your own entertainment, a Bluetooth speaker by a good company like JBL, can really make a private party.

Many hotels do not provide many things such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion etc. Even if they are, they are practically useless and do nothing to benefit you. A travel size kit is essential to have as it includes a spray bottle, three empty bottles for personal shampoo, conditioner and body wash and two small containers for lotion and sunscreen. A micro-fiber towel is fast absorbing and does not weigh much, making it light for traveling. It’s better to not have to pay for towels in a hotel. Carrying sachets with detergent can help you wash your personal clothes such as undergarments and socks in the sink, and enable you to save money on dry cleaning. An attachable laundry wire can help you in having your things dry in a personal space and save cost as well. These items do come with gloves so that you don’t dry out your hands. Speaking of compact, a portable blanket is also the best accessory. You can take it with you to the beach and even have it as an extra. Remember these tips and accessories that are essential to keep with you.






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  1. I always bring a flashlight with me when we travel around Costa Rica. It can be common for the electricity to go out during rainy season. It is also helpful if you re walking at night since many streets are not brightly lit and there aren t sidewalks.

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