Costa Rica Slogan ‘Pura Vida’: More Than Just Words

Pura Vida

Ever found yourself daydreaming about the tropical paradise that is Costa Rica? If you have, chances are you’ve come across the phrase Costa Rica slogan, “Pura Vida”. But what does this term really mean?

“Pura Vida”, translating to ‘pure life’ in English, isn’t just a catchy saying—it’s a lifestyle. It captures an attitude towards life embraced by all Costa Ricans and serves as a constant reminder to appreciate the simple joys.

This post will delve into how this quintessential motto originated from a 1956 Mexican movie and eventually became synonymous with everyday conversation among locals. We’ll also explore how adopting Pura Vida can lead to health benefits like reduced stress and improved social connections.

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Understanding the Costa Rica Slogan “Pura Vida”

The term “Pura Vida”, translating to “pure life” or “nothing but life,” is more than just a phrase in Costa Rica—it’s a way of life. This unofficial slogan embodies the spirit and culture of this Central American paradise.

The Meaning and Use of Pura Vida

As TheCultureTrip explains, Pura Vida, for many Ticos (as locals are known), means enjoying life no matter what your circumstances may be. It can serve as a greeting, an expression of joy, or even a sentiment to show empathy during challenging times.

Pure Life encapsulates how Costa Ricans view their daily lives—filled with gratitude, contentment, and simplicity despite any hurdles they face. Living ‘la pura vida’ is about appreciating every moment and cherishing experiences rather than material possessions.

Pura Vida’s Cinematic Origins

This widely-used phrase traces its roots back to 1956 from the Mexican movie named “Pura vida.“. Later, the phrase caught on as a symbol of Costa Rican culture and identity.

In today’s context though, you’ll find ‘Pura vida’ weaved into almost every interaction among residents – making it not just another term but indeed capturing the essence of what makes Costa Rica one-of-a-kind.

Understanding Pura Vida

Embracing Pura Vida for Health and Happiness

Costa Rica’s unofficial motto, “Pura Vida,” is more than just a phrase. It’s an ethos that permeates every aspect of daily life in this happiest country. But did you know embracing Pura Vida can have significant health benefits?

The laid-back lifestyle often associated with the Pura Vida philosophy, quite literally meaning ‘pure life’, encourages stress reduction—a crucial factor for maintaining good health. According to a study on, regular stress management plays a vital role in your overall well-being.

Apart from physical advantages, adopting the Pura vida way of life can also boost social connections—an integral part of human happiness and longevity. Socializing is inherent in Costa Rican culture; whether at beach towns or coffee farms—people are always ready to share their stories over a cup of freshly brewed café.

Becoming Part Of The Happiest Countries Club: A How-To Guide

You don’t need to visit Costa Rica or live longer there (although it sounds tempting.) to reap these benefits; simply embodying the spirit behind the term Pura vida will suffice. Start by slowing down—enjoy each moment as they come without worrying about what’s next.

Celebrate simple joys—the first sip of morning coffee, a hearty laugh with friends, or even spotting an exotic bird during your walk. Recall that it’s all about savoring and valuing what we have now.

Finally, build meaningful connections with those around you. The world can use more love and kindness—be the one to spread it.

Living Pura Vida in Costa Rica’s Natural Paradise

Costa Rica’s stunning landscapes and environmental stewardship embody the spirit of ‘Pura Vida’. From the hustle and bustle of everyday life, one can find solace in Costa Rica’s natural paradise.

Beaches and Pura Vida

The beach towns are one of the best places to experience this. They offer an environment that helps us appreciate simple pleasures like sandy beaches under our feet or watching surfers catch waves during a surf expedition. It’s about appreciating what we have, living in the moment – it’s all part of embracing the term ‘Pura Vida’.

This phrase isn’t just an expression; it represents how Ticos (as locals call themselves) live their lives daily with positivity and gratitude. The key is understanding that less can be more – simplifying our existence to focus on experiences rather than possessions brings us closer to happiness.

Capturing these moments while exploring coffee farms, immersing yourself in yoga retreats or observing wildlife makes your trip not only enjoyable but also meaningful. You’re experiencing Pura Vida, soaking up everything Costa Rica offers without hurry or worry.

Fascinating fact: A study revealed stress over money as being detrimental for health (source here). Costa Rica’s Pura Vida lifestyle can help you shift focus from materialism, potentially leading to a happier and healthier life.

So if you’re planning your next vacation, remember the motto: ‘Pura Vida’. And what better place to experience it than in its birthplace? Visit Costa Rica – a paradise where living is about more than just existing.

Living Pura Vida in Costa Rica

FAQs in Relation to Costa Rica Slogan

What is Costa Rica’s most popular phrase?

“Pura Vida,” translating to “pure life” or “nothing but life,” is the catchphrase Costa Ricans love and use daily.

What is Costa Rica’s unofficial slogan?

The term “Pura Vida” serves as an unofficial motto in Costa Rica, capturing its laid-back lifestyle and positivity.

What is the Costa Rica life saying?

In essence, the common expression in everyday life of locals in Costa Rica – Pura Vida – signifies living a contented, stress-free existence.

What is the motto of ‘Costa Rican pure life’?

‘Pure Life,’ or ‘Pura Vida’, embodies more than just words. It encapsulates how Ticos (Costa Ricans) view their world: with optimism and gratitude for what they have.


“Pura Vida,” Costa Rica’s slogan, is more than just a phrase—it symbolizes the country’s lifestyle. From its roots in a 1956 Mexican movie to its integration into everyday conversations among locals, this term has become deeply ingrained in Costa Rican culture.

Embracing Pura Vida isn’t only about adopting an attitude; it also brings tangible health benefits. Stress reduction and improved social connections are two prime examples. So when you’re stressed out, remember the Pura Vida philosophy: appreciate simple joys and live life fully.

If you ever visit Costa Rica, let yourself be immersed in their natural paradise where environmental stewardship reigns supreme—especially on their stunning beaches that perfectly embody the spirit of ‘Pura Vida’!

In essence, embracing ‘Pura Vida’ means experiencing pure life—a beautiful concept indeed! Let’s take a leaf from Costa Rica’s book and start living our own versions of ‘pure life’ today.

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