Nude Beaches in Costa Rica

Nude Beaches in Costa Rica

If you’re going to spend time visiting Costa Rica and this beautiful tropical getaway, you’ll definitely want to hit up some of the beaches in the area. In fact, some of you may even decide to be a little bit braver and a little bit bolder than normal and want to spend time on one of the nude beaches in the area. Does the sound appealing to you?

As a beach goer, it is certainly your right and privilege to go nude on designated sections of Costa Rica beaches. This isn’t necessarily accepted outside of the major resorts and hotels – basically within the tourist areas – but if you are in a tourist area, they are pretty open-minded and going nude on the beach is much more widely accepted.

Going to a Nude Beach in Costa Rica

Nude Beaches

In fact, if you are visiting a smaller beach town, walking around nude on a beach is not only normal, it hardly ever creates a reaction. On the other hand, you may feel much more comfortable going nude on a beach where other people also feel that clothing is optional, so to help you find those specific locations, we would like to tell you about a few different beaches – while not completely nude – that do have sections where people go and shed their clothes while soaking up the sun and enjoying the pleasurable company of other like-minded souls.

Manuel Antonio Beach

Out of our favorite recommended options, we felt it necessary to mention Manuel Antonio Beach first because it’s a very popular tourist attraction. It’s considered one of the more conservative places to play and sunbathe though, so you aren’t going to see people walking around on the beach completely naked in every section of the sand.

On the other hand, if you visit the public area and continue walking north, you will discover a nice little section of the beach where many people are bathing topless. And even though it’s not 100% a regular occurrence, you will also find some of the beachgoers completely nude on occasion and nobody is going to call you out for. If you’re lost, ask the locals about Playa de Playos and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Montezuma Beach

Montezuma Beach is a wonderful option if you are the bohemian type and like to lead a more unconventional life. The great thing about this beach is it’s an excellent getaway location to visit that is very budget friendly and there are lots of liberal minded people here like street musicians, Gypsies, surfers, backpackers, and other tourists as well as the locals.

The food in this area is also amazing, the hiking is great, and there is a section of beach known as Playa Grande that is quite secluded. But this vibrant patch of beach has plenty of bonfires, lots of great art, many people surfing, and most important of all for this particular article – there’s lots of nude people running around on the beach! So we definitely recommend checking out this location as well because it’s a great choice.  As an aside, they refer to it as “Montefuma,” because there is no lack of Costa Rican Marijuana here!

I, for one, am not a nude beach person. But that’s just me!  I also made a more family-oriented list of the best beaches in Costa Rica.

Final Thoughts

While the beaches in Costa Rica aren’t completely nude, there are certain sections where it’s a lot more acceptable than others. Pay attention to the options shared above and visit the sections we highlighted and you can feel comfortable walking on the beach completely nude and not have to worry about offending anyone.

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  1. Thanks for the pointers. My wife and I live in a clothing optional home and enjoy skinny dipping in our pool or any place with water.

  2. There are no designated nude beaches in Costa Rica, though nudity, or at least topless sunbathing, seems to be tolerated on certain unofficial sets of sand. The north end of Playa Grande, 30 minutes north of Montezuma, is a favorite clothing-optional destination. Playa Grande is also known to be a favorite surf spot, so you can catch a wave without a wetsuit if you want. Just make sure to go between December and April, during the dry (and high) season. Otherwise, you ll get rained out. In Manuel Antonio, a beach called Playa Playita attracts nudists in general, and gay nudists in particular. Some say Costa Rica nude beaches are any place you find an isolated cove. But if there are clothed (and only clothed) people around or children, it s probably best to keep that bikini on.?

  3. We spent a few weeks on Playa Bandera last winter, and I agree that it is a great place to go nude. North of the estuary, nudists were all over the place. On the residential part of the beach, it was less common, but no one seemed to notice or care. Avoid the main public beach area and, as always, families with children.

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