Nosara Real Estate

If you are looking for Nosara real estate, you’ve come to the right place.  Many people are enamored with the Nosara area of Costa Rica, and I’ll tell you why on this page.

Living off the Land in Nosara, Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers a diverse lifestyle that can suit just about anybody.  The Nosara area in particular is very unique.  You can drive on dirt roads for miles only to come across a luxurious, well appointed mansion.  Many of the visitors to this area enjoy the surfing, while others come for the world famous yoga.  Residents enjoy the private school system that features not only textbook learning, but also a deep dive into the natural world surrounding them.

Beach Pic

This unique paradise is one of the hottest real estate opportunities in all of Costa Rica.  You can find a peaceful retreat in this remote area that few people get to experience first hand.

Whether you are looking for a luxurious getaway in Paradise, raw Nosara land for future development, or a commercial project, this is an area of Costa Rica that may be of interest to you.  There is a massive amount of opportunity waiting for you on the Nosara Peninsula, and this private oasis and secluded, rejuvenating lifestyle is truly one of a kind.

Nosara Facts

There are about 5,800 people living in Nosara, according to Wikipedia.

There are many unpaved roads in the area, as it is one of the last areas of the country to get investment in infrastructure.  However, expatriates have enjoyed the tranquil setting for quite some time, as it’s a very notorious destination among the insiders for fishing, and it also offers very diverse agriculture.

Watch:  A Wall Street Journal Preview of the area.

The area is unique in part because the area along the beach has not been commercialized like other towns.  For example, if you were to visit Tamarindo, the entire beach front is littered with bars and restaurants that have views of the beach.  You won’t find that in Nosara because the majority of it is the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, which breeds Olive Ridley’s and Leatherback sea turtles.)

You’ll find a lot of experienced surfers in the area, with Playa Guiones featuring one of the best sets of waves in the world, not to mention 330 days per year of surfable conditions.  It’s in Playa Guiones where you’ll also find the famous Yoga school known by Yoga buffs across the globe.

The town center is 6 km inland and features a market, post office, pharmacy, churches, police, and schools.  There is also a Bank, a Red Cross and a library, but not a formal hospital at this point.

Beaches of Nosara

There are five communities that are named for the beaches in the area:

  • Playa Nosara
  • Playa Guiones
  • Playa Garza
  • Playa Ostional
  • Playa Pelada

It’s these areas where you will find the foreign investment in residences.  You’ll also find hotels and plenty of places to dine.

In 2017, Nosara was named the fastest growing surf town across the entire world by the University of Sydney, Australia.  They analyzed more than 5,000 surf breaks globally.

Getting To Nosara

You can fly directly to Nosara using NatureAir.  There are two daily flights from San Jose, and (check the schedule for current details) a handful from Liberia.   Driving is the preferred way for most visitors, and you can easily get to and from the area from one of these vendors below:

San Jose to Nosara Driving Time

It’s about five hours from the SJO airport to arrive.  Your mileage may vary, of course.