Nosara Costa Rica

Imagine a small places surrounded by jungles and wildlife with tons of beautiful beaches and a multicultural community who are loving. This place is not an imagination any more, it is a reality in form of Nosara, a small village in Costa Rica which has been named as one of the top surf towns in the whole world by National Geographic. Anyone who has ever been to Nosara will tell you there is no such place on earth.

As a visitor, all you need to do is walk down on the roads of Playa Guiones and find yourself organic cafes, yoga studios, waves to surf on and watch the amazing sunset.

Nosara is well known for world famous yoga and surfing. It is the place to go if you want to find the perfect yoga retreat destination. The strong yoga and surf culture of the village has brought down many people from around the world to visit it. Being surrounded by jungles and wildlife, the authorities of Costa Rica has done a good job of protecting the national parks and forests in the area. Nosara also happens to have the cleanest water in all of Costa Rica with clean ocean waters and no sign of dumping trash or gray/black water in the beaches or streams. It is one of the very few coastal towns in the world that lacks any development on its beaches.

Like other countries in the Central American region, Nosara has a very rainy and dry season but mostly has warm weather around the whole year. The dry season starts from November and lasts till April but it is also the season when tourism is the highest. There are rarely any clouds in peak season with plenty of sun that will keep you overjoyed with amazingly beautiful sunsets and nights with a whole lot of stargazing. The winds are also ideal for surfing which creates clean and consisting environment for surfing conditions.

Most of the rainy season begins in May and ends in November. During this time, if you love the sun, you may be disappointed, however the rainy season means that nature gets the best time in this season. The jungles turn green an lush with a lot of new foliage that comes into bloom bringing with it various kinds of wildlife and species of rare insects.

Surfing in Nosara

As mentioned earlier, Nosara was named the best place to surf in the world. It is known for its clean and consistent surfing conditions. If you are new to surfing, the beach town of Playa Guiones has some of the best waves to begin learning to surf. At the shores there is clean white water with perfect conditions for beginners that are taking lessons in surfing. The waves are also perfect and create just the right curve that is ideal for a beginner. The waves of this beach town are excellent to surf on at any tide level. You can take lessons of surfing any time of the day in this area.

If you love surfing but don’t know how to surf, then you’ll find plenty of surfing schools in Nosara with most of them located in Playa Guiones. Here are some of the best schools to learn surfing from:

Coconut Harry’s

Coconut Harry’s is one of the most popular surf shops in the entire Playa Guiones. The shop offers board rentals, surf packages and even lessons for new comers to surfing. They also have boards on sale for those who are very well trained in surfing. Surfing lessons are taught by certified trainers who offer their professional services for nominal fee.

Coconut Harry’s also offer group classes that are very affordable and are a great way to learn how to surf. There are a number of different learning packages available to suit all kinds of budgets.

Safari Surf School

The National Geographic voted this school as the best outfitter on earth. It has the most accolades of any school in the region with instructors that are well trained and certified with experience of over 13 years in surfing.

They arrange surf camps for various skill levels in surfing beginning from newbie to advanced camps. Packages are a tad bit expensive but they guarantee once you start with them, you’ll gradually become a surfing expert. There are at least 2 lessons daily with certified trainers which includes breakfast, airport transfer, accommodations and other fun activities like yoga, hikes in the jungle and zip lining.

Yoga In Nosara

Nosara has many activities to take part in but it is known throughout the world for its amazing yoga retreats and schools. If you love yoga, there are several retreats, clubs and hotels that offer this activity at its best.

One of the best places to get Yoga classes is at the Nosara Yoga Institute. This institute is ideally located on a hill in the woods in a very quiet space setting perfect conditions for yoga. You are surrounded by the jungle which creates a tranquil sense making yoga so much more enlightening and relaxing than doing it inside a closed room with mirrors.

Several public classes are taught at the institute starting from just $10 a class. There are instructors who take classes in many different styles of yoga including Hatha, restorative and vinyasa flow. Classes are mostly taught in English but are also available in Spanish if there are enough people to vouch for it.

Another great place to find yoga in Nosara is in the Harmony hotel which is a beautiful hotel located in the neighborhood of Playa Guiones. It has luxury rooms, amazing restaurants, peaceful gardens on site and amazing yoga classes. All of the yoga is done in open air studios with a lily pond on site which creates a tranquil setting. Classes are available in many different styles of Yoga starting from Kundalini, Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa.

If you want an all in package that includes accommodation, food and yoga, this is the place to be.