Jet Blue Flights to Costa Rica

Jet Blue Flights to Costa Rica

Until only a few short years ago, it was actually impossible to get JetBlue flights to Costa Rica. They just didn’t fly to this part of the world from many different locations in the United States, but now they are beginning to offer flights from places like Boston, Fort Lauderdale, and more, and they are going to continue to add more routes and destinations as time goes by.

Updated for 2023!

So not only will JetBlue continue to impress and take more and more people to Costa Rica on their airline from different locations throughout the US, they are enjoying expanding their operations and even offer discount vacation packages to those who are looking to visit this wonderful place while also getting a good price for hotels and airfare.

JetBlue to Costa Rica
What’s better than flying to Costa Rica? Having an Imperial on the way!

But before we get into other specific details, we will now talk about some of the places you can leave from to catch a JetBlue flight to Costa Rica. As mentioned, they still aren’t offering this from every major airport in the US, but they have expanded their operations tremendously and they will continue to do so as time goes by. They are now even offering passengers the ability to catch a JetBlue flight to Costa Rica from Atlanta, which is one much-needed and happy change that people seem to love.

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What Cities Are Currently Offering JetBlue Flights to Costa Rica?

The great thing is there are many cities offering these flights now more than ever before, but you still have to pay close attention to the list if you’re trying to get to this country, because you may not live in one of the designated areas. But, to make this very easy for you, we would like to share the names of the cities where you can catch a flight to Costa Rica below.

The current list of cities includes the following:

  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • Las Vegas
  • Salt Lake City
  • Chicago
  • Buffalo
  • Syracuse
  • Newburgh
  • Westchester
  • Pittsburgh
  • Worcester
  • Hartford
  • Boston
  • Providence
  • Washington DC
  • Richmond
  • LaGuardia Airport – New York City
  • JFK airport – New York City
  • Newark
  • Philadelphia
  • Atlanta
  • Charlestown
  • Jacksonville
  • Orlando
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico

Clearly, there are definitely a wide range of airports for you to visit if you plan to spend time in Costa Rica. But if you are not in the vicinity of one of these cities, you may need to catch a connecting flight if you’d like to fly JetBlue directly to your vacation destination in Central America. So that’s definitely something to consider and it may or may not be the ideal option for you depending on your specific needs.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, JetBlue is going to continue adding more and more locations throughout the United States for easy trips to Costa Rica. They currently offer vacation packages and have teamed up with the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo and Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica, so if you’re looking to stay in an inclusive luxury resort, look into either of these incredible vacation packages to get the best possible deals. And remember to fly JetBlue to Costa Rica because it truly is an unbelievable experience.

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