Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica

You can’t miss the Del Rey hotel.  The massive pink colonial building sticks out like a sore thumb on the corner of a major intersection just one block from the main strip of Avenida Central.  While you may find innocent Ticos conducting their daily duties on the main pedestrian mall of Costa Rica, what you will find in the hotel Del Rey will be either an adult Disney Land, or pure horror, depending on what type of person you are and where your moral ground stands.

Del Rey Hotel
You can’t miss the enormous pink hotel.

Del Rey Hotel Costa Rica Review & 2017 Updates

Over the years, there have been many changes at the Del Rey.  We’ll focus on today and the current landscape, as well as document any changes that happen along the way.  As an informational website about Costa Rica, we pride ourselves in providing raw, rugged facts.

Once you are wanded, patted down, and deemed safe to enter this hotel, you’ll find that this Hotel caters to sex tourism.


The clientele is typically older American and expatriate men who go there for drinking, gambling, and sexual encounters.  Over the years the establishment has become a hot spot for sex tourists and local prostitutes alike, and everyone seems to have a story (or five thousand) about things that happen at the Del Rey Hotel & Casino.

Casino Floor
Current layout of the casino floor.

Yes, there is a casino.  Currently it offers table games as well as a roulette game that they call Canasta.  Limits range, and you are able to play in American Dollars or the local Colone.  There is usually a sports book set up to take wagers on major sporting events, but that’s not associated with the hotel.

The most popular destination in the area to exchange money for sexual favors wouldn’t be complete without various bars.  Once in the hotel, the lobby bar serves coffee and drinks 24 hours per day and has many bistro style tables and chairs where females wait for their prey, and where men trade war stories.  Women line the walls of the entire hotel until you reach the casino, which separates the hotel lobby from the Blue Marlin Bar.  The Blue Marlin Bar is where all the action is, and if you aren’t careful, you could get caught up in the gauntlet.  This is a common reference to the packed bar where women of the night dominate the scene and are on the prowl for men who will pay for their services.  The bar offers a full selection of beer, wine, and spirits, but be advised that the prices are on the high side for Costa Rica.  The bartenders are friendly and will drink with you, but watch your bar tabs, because YOU are buying.

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Who Goes to the Del Rey Hotel & Blue Marlin Bar?

Mainly sex tourists and people looking to enjoy that scenery. Many people have heard about the Del Rey and simply want to see what it’s all about.  Of course, sex tourists would not be complete without the obvious other part of the equation, right?  On any given night, there will be 50 to 300 women walking, sitting, staring, and doing anything they can to find a man who will help her pay her bills in exchange for some love.  You’ll find local Ticas as well as Nicaraguans, Colombians, Venezuelans, and Dominicans.  There are other nationalities who find themselves there from time to time, but the above groups make up most of the mix.

The hotel overall is dated, and there are many other options for staying locally in San Jose, but if you must be in the belly of the beast, you can’t go wrong at the Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica.  While amenities may not be there (no pool, gym, etc), if you are looking to drink, gamble, and meet women, you’ll be in arguably the best spot in the country for that.  Albeit, the Cocal Casino is making a run for that spot as well.

If you get bored with that life and are looking for things to do while on vacation in Costa Rica, the Del Rey does offer travel services, mostly fishing excursions, right in the convenience of their hotel lobby.

Location Information:

Address:  Avenue 1, San José Province, San José, Costa Rica
From this location, you’ll be very close to this watering hole & hotel.  You can walk just about anywhere in the City of San Jose, and are just a block from the main street, Avenida Central, a huge pedestrian mall with shops on both sides of the street.  It’s not posh by any means.  It’s raw, dirty, and rugged.  BUT – so is San Jose.