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I’m often intrigued by what people say about their trips to Costa Rica.  Today, I am recapping a trip report that I read on Harpers Bazaar.  It was written by Kara Ladd.  In more specific detail, their trip to Nosara.  Of course, my own spin is put on this article being a long time resident of the country.

Costa Rica Trip Report

The article leads off by saying:

Pura Vida, or “Pure Life,” is the spirited motto of Central America’s darling, Nosara, Costa Rica—and for good reason.

Ummm – no, Kara, that is the motto of the entire country, not just Nosara.

Regrouping, she calls the area a ” surf paradise,” “health conscious,” and “sustainably-minded bohemian town.”

Okay, so she’s not a complete idiot, and we can tell she has actually been there indeed, so I kept reading.

Continuing on to detail her stay at the Pointe Break Retreats, which is a fitness destination that merges surfing and ballet (only in Nosara) into a workout referred to as the Extension Method.  And yes, that name is actually trademarked!  Apparently they have this in Mexico, Portugal, and well, that pesky neighbor of ours, Nicaragua.  Yes, the same ones fleeing to Costa Rica.

During her one week trip to Costa Rica, which she flew to from New York, she was accompanied by ten women, who were ages 20 – 60+.

With the goal to challenge one another physically and mentally, they also wanted to explore the country.  They packed light, left their heels at home, and brought plenty of sunblock.

Here is a pic posted to Kara’s instagram, which you can follow here.

And, if you care, Kara talked about this mix hybrid ballet workout (yawn) as well as some of the surfing that the group took part in.

Most importantly, she shared her thoughts on the local hot spots, which included:

  • Meals at Pointe Break Retreats were all local and organic.  (Badass.)
  • Olo Alaia Coffee Shop
  • The Harmony hotel
  • Bodhi Tree’s Juice Bar

Why Nosara?

She went on to say that this area was chosen because it’s a blue zone territory, which signals that it’s one of the happiest and healthiest places on the planet.  That has been echoed to me by friends who are serious tree huggers, so it must be 100% true.  Locals dislike plastic, which sounds like Vermont and Key West.

In her closing thoughts, Kara calls this adventure a high intensity athletic retreat.  Shes’ a recent cancer survivor (fuck cancer, way to beat it Kara) – and had some nervous feelings prior to the trip, but really was lifted up by the team who helped her conquer physical goals as well as doing some ballet and surfing.  Overall, I’d say it was enjoyable.

The full story can be read right here.


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