Green Airways Costa Rica: Your Eco-Friendly Flight Guide

Costa Rica Green Airways

Ever thought about the lush, emerald landscapes of Costa Rica, and how you’d explore them? Well, let me take you on a journey with Green Airways Costa Rica. Just like its namesake color that represents nature and life, this airline is all about celebrating and preserving Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity.


This domestic carrier not only gets you to your dream destinations but also plants a tree for every passenger – quite literally letting us leave green footprints behind! Imagine hopping aboard knowing that your flight contributes to environmental conservation. Now that’s flying guilt-free!

We’ll dive deep into their unique approach towards sustainability while keeping an eagle-eye view on safety standards. Expect some insider info on booking flights in English too. Fasten your seatbelts as we’re ready for takeoff…

Costa Rica Green Airways: An Overview

Founded by Everardo Carmona in 2018, Costa Rica Green Airways has made a name for itself as an eco-friendly domestic airline. Based in San José, this burgeoning charter service is more than just a way to get around–it’s an affirmation of sustainability.

This unique carrier isn’t just another cog in the travel industry; it represents Costa Rica’s green heart and dedication to environmental stewardship. But don’t mistake their focus on conservation for lack of service or comfort.

The flight services offered are top-notch, with safety standards that meet international criteria. Their fleet includes state-of-the-art turboprop aircraft like the Quest Kodiak, ensuring every journey is smooth and comfortable.

The Founding of Costa Rica Green Airways

In his pursuit to make air travel greener, Everardo Carmona launched Costa Rica Green Airways with a vision rooted in both customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. The goal? To provide travelers with high-quality flight experiences while also preserving the rich biodiversity that makes Costa Rica so special.

Sustainability Commitment of Costa Rica Green Airways

Costa Rica Green Airways is not just another domestic airline. They’ve taken the notion of “green” seriously and are earnest in their dedication to conservation.

Their unique approach? For every passenger that flies with them, they plant a tree. It’s a small step but one that has a significant impact on our planet.

Planting Trees for Every Passenger

This initiative goes beyond simply offsetting carbon emissions – it contributes directly to environmental conservation. Think about it: every time you book your flight services with Costa Rica Green Airways, you’re effectively planting a tree.

It’s an innovative way to involve customers in their sustainability commitment. And this isn’t some marketing gimmick; the company has been recognized for its efforts in promoting sustainable practices within the aviation industry.

If ever a case could be made for firms to be both lucrative and eco-friendly, this would surely stand as one of the prime examples. So next time you fly with Green Airways Costa Rica, remember – each boarding pass represents a new sapling taking root somewhere in beautiful Costa Rica.

Sustainability of Green Airways in Costa Rica

Destinations Covered by Costa Rica Green Airways

If you’re eager to explore the wonders of Costa Rica, then flying with Costa Rica Green Airways is a practical choice. This domestic airline covers several coveted destinations within this tropical paradise.

The carrier operates flights to three noteworthy locations – Quepos, San José, and Tambor. If your itinerary includes these spots, booking a flight will be easy-peasy.

Popular Domestic Routes

You might wonder why these routes are popular among tourists and locals alike. Well, each destination has its unique charm that lures travelers in.

Quepos: Known for Manuel Antonio National Park, it’s an excellent spot for wildlife enthusiasts.

Tambor: Situated on the Nicoya Peninsula, it’s perfect if you want a serene beach vacation or some surfing fun.

San José: A bustling city teeming with culture and history; here lies numerous museums and architectural gems worth visiting when exploring ‘tica’ (Costa Rican) lifestyle firsthand.

Safety Standards of Costa Rica Green Airways

When it comes to safety, Costa Rica Green Airways doesn’t compromise. The airline has earned the Argus Gold Certification, making it stand out among other domestic airlines.

Importance of Argus Gold Certification

This coveted certification isn’t handed out like boarding passes at an airport. It’s a testament to their commitment towards maintaining high safety measures in all aspects of aviation operations.

To earn this gold standard badge from Argus International, an organization needs to meet strict criteria and undergo rigorous checks. But why does that matter for you?

An Argus Gold Certified Airline means you’re flying with one that places your safety above everything else. You can sit back, enjoy the views outside your window as they whisk you away across beautiful Costa Rican landscapes without any worry.

Booking Flights with Costa Rica Green Airways

Costa Rica Green Airways makes booking flights a breeze. The process is user-friendly and designed to cater to English-speaking travelers.

Guide to Domestic Flights within Costa Rica

You can conveniently book domestic flights within the country. This allows you easy access from San José or Liberia International Airport, two popular launch points for exploring this beautiful land.

This guide helps you navigate through flight options, price points, and luggage rules while booking your journey on their official website or trusted third-party platforms like Alternative Airlines.

Booking Flights in English

Fear not if Spanish isn’t your forte. Their website offers an option to switch language preferences so that you’re able to get all the information needed without any linguistic hurdles.

Their customer service team also communicates effectively in English making sure every question gets answered promptly before finalizing your travel plans with them.

Fleet of Costa Rica Green Airways

When it comes to exploring the picturesque landscapes of Costa Rica, Costa Rica Green Airways is a top choice. This airline offers a modern fleet of turboprop planes, equipped with the latest technology.

Introduction to Turboprop Aircraft

The heart and soul of their fleet are the turboprop aircraft. Known for their fuel efficiency and performance, these planes give you a smooth ride while leaving less carbon footprint. These workhorse planes are perfect for those short hops between cities or tourist hotspots within this tropical paradise.

Spotlight on Quest Kodiak Aircraft

A standout in the fleet is none other than the brand new Quest Kodiak. The latest addition brings both comfort and power into one neat package, making your journey more enjoyable.
With its robust capabilities such as high load capacity and quick climb rate, it’s no wonder why they’re popular among savvy travelers who choose Costa Rica Green Airways routes.

Fleet of Costa Rica Green Airways

FAQs in Relation to Green Airways Costa Rica

Where does Costa Rica Green Airways fly from?

Costa Rica Green Airways operates domestic flights, with routes connecting San José, Quepos, and Tambor within Costa Rica.

What airlines serve Costa Rica?

Numerous airlines operate in Costa Rica including big names like Delta and American Airlines. But for eco-friendly domestic travel, there’s Costa Rica Green Airways.

What is green airline flights?

‘Green’ flights refer to environmentally friendly aviation practices. Airlines like the Costa Rican-based ‘Green Airways’ reduce their carbon footprint by planting trees for every passenger they carry.

Who flies to Bocas del Toro from Costa Rica?

Air Panama provides direct service between Bocas Del Toro and San José in Costa Rica. For other destinations, consider using a local carrier such as Green Airways.


Exploring Costa Rica just got greener with Green Airways Costa Rica. With their commitment to environmental conservation, every flight becomes a journey towards sustainability.

We learned about the airline’s unique initiative of planting a tree for each passenger. An approach that goes beyond mere business into creating lasting impact.

The domestic routes offered give you easy access to some of Costa Rica’s most loved destinations. Coupled with safety standards affirmed by Argus Gold Certification, it truly redefines eco-friendly travel.

To top it off, booking flights is as breezy as the winds under their turboprop aircraft wings – all in English!

So whether it’s an adventure in San José or Tambor airport calling your name; Green Airways will get you there while keeping things green and clean.

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