Four Seasons Hotel Costa Rica Review

Costa Rica is a wonderful country to spend your holidays in. Whether you’re going with your family or spouse, it has something to offer to everyone. From highland cloud forest vistas, to sunny beaches to tons of restaurants and spas and golf courses, you are in for a ride of your life when you head to Costa Rica.

But what they say is true, never go to Costa Rica unprepared. By unprepared, we mean that you should have already booked a hotel to stay in and as well as gotten in contact with some sort of guide to get you around the must visit places of the country. Since there are many resorts in the country, it can be very confusing where to stay. The ideal place to stay is in an all inclusive resort. These resorts are the best you can get in Costa Rica since they provide so many facilities inside the facility that you’ll never face a problem and your family will love it too.

Today we’ll be looking at one of the most sought out and popular resorts in Costa Rica, The Four Seasons Hotel. This resort is ranked 4.8 out of 5 by people who have stayed there. Although it is not for everyone especially if they are restrained by budget, still it is one of the best places to stay in because of the numerous perks it provides to guests. Let’s have a detailed look at what you’ll get when you decide to stay at The Four Seasons Hotel in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Four Seasons Hotel Review and Info

Main Amenities

The Four Seasons Hotel Costa Rica has the following main amenities that will help you decide whether you should stay there or not. These include.

  • 155 rooms
  • It is built on a private beach
  • The hotel has a Marina
  • It has fully functional golf course
  • There are 5 restaurants to serve you within the hotel
  • There is a fully functional spa inside the hotel
  • There is also a fully functional outdoor pool for guests
  • Breakfast is available every morning for guests
  • If you love staying fit, there is a health club based inside the hotel
  • A 24 hour business center is there to serve your needs
  • You can take airport shuttles from the facility provided inside
  • Your children can have fun at the children’s club inside the hotel
  • It has free parking as well as free wifi in all rooms

Other facilities

  • The hotel itself has more than just main amenities. It also has
  • A fully functional children’s pool
  • A children’s club
  • Private bathroom for staying guests
  • Each bathroom has separate bathtub and shower and a separate sitting area.

Traveling around from the Four Seasons Hotel

The main reason for you to come to Costa Rica is because you want to travel and discover what it has to offer. So it is very important that you find a place to stay that is near to at least some of the best sights to see in the country. This hotel is nearby the following places.

  • Marina Papagayo – 4.7 mi
  • Hermosa Bay Beach – 23.8 mi
  • Hidden Garden Art Gallery – 19.1 mi
  • Papagayo Golf and Country Club – 24.3 mi
  • Coco Beach – 26.6 mi

If you are looking for a nearby resort to compare it to, the closest one is probably the RIU.

Four Seasons Hotel Room Sizes

Hotel room sizes are a big concern for many. After all you don’t want to be paying a premium to stay in a room that is not spacious enough. Here is what you can expect of a typical room size of Four Seasons Hotel.

  • Terraza King Bed – 56 m2, great for 3 people and 2 children
  • Terraza 2 double beds – 603 m2, great for 3 people and 2 children
  • Brisa King bed – 603 m2, great for 3 adults 2 children
  • Cielo room king bed – 603 m2, 3 adults and 2 children
  • Cielo 2 double beds – 603 m2, 3 adults and 2 children
  • Bed canopy suite – 1025 m2, 3 adults and 2 children
  • Bed canopy suite with pool – 1206 m2, 3 adults and 2 children
  • Pacifico bed resort – 1904 m2, 6 people and 2 children
  • Bed villa with plunge pool – 1904 m2, 6 adults and 2 children
  • Suite, 3 bedrooms pacifico resort residence – 104 m2 each room, 8 people and 7 children
  • Bed villa with plunge pool – 3572 m2, 8 people and 7 children
  • Casa de la Luna Estate home – 5342 m2, 8 people and 7 children
  • Casa del mar estate home – 603 m2, 10 people and 9 children
  • Casa del cielo estate home – 6727 m2, 8 people and 7 children

Detailed information about facilities provided in Four Seasons Hotel Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has a lot to offer but one of its best amenities include the spa. The full service spa inside the Four Seasons Hotel Costa Rica is very nicely decorated with ocean views as you enjoy it. Facilities inside the spa include 8 massage rooms of which 3 are only for couples. It also provides 7 wet treatment rooms which has sub facial treatment rooms and showers for the visitors.

The spa also offers a variety of services like body treatments, facials, massages with mud from Osa Peninsula. More facilities include plunge pools and steam rooms with a fully functional hair salon services available as well.

As far as the dining experience goes, the Four Seasons Hotel Costa Rica has 5 different restaurants to serve you when you are staying. These include restaurants serving Latin American cuisine, local and international cuisines, Italian Cuisines, Alfresco dining and burgers. If you love eating food, you’ll definitely enjoy eating food from one of these restaurants as they have some of the finest chefs cooking.

Other facilities on the hotel includes onsite recreation facilities like surfing boarding, volleyball, yoga classes, tennis, basketball, eco tours, sport fishing, golf lessons, golf, hiking/biking, kayaking, pilates classes and much more!