Duron Harmon Arrested Entering Costa Rica with Marijuana

Duron Harmon

Apparently this guy didn’t do his homework!  How many times have you seen people in the Red Light district of Costa Rica peddling weed?  How many times has a hooker offered to score a tourist weed?  Obtaining pot, although illegal in Costa Rica, is very easy.  However, for New England Patriot Duron Harmon, he either has an affinity for the good stuff (not always easy to find in Costa Rica) or he just didn’t want to take any chances.

NFL Player Duron Harmon Arrested for Drugs in Costa Rica

The National Football League player was arrested last week in Costa Rica and banned from entering the land of Pura vida after attempting to get in with his weed, in a story put on by the Ministry of Public Security.   In his possession were 58 grams of marijuana, cannabis oil, and three pipes.  There were also four devices made of glass that housed the compressed marijuana he was certainly going to smoke upon getting to his favorite beach (my guess.)

Coming in from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he was sent back right there upon this discovery happening.  He was arrested during a routine luggage check and the drugs were discovered while inspecting a beverage can. 

Who puts drugs in a beverage can?  Let’s be honest, a beverage can is going to raise some eyebrows when it’s in your checked bagged!

Well, we all can’t run like hell and catch a football, but some of us certainly have a bit more common sense than athletes.  (Not to generalize, it has happened to many people trying to enter Costa Rica with drugs, I assume.)

Let this be a lesson.  There is plenty of fun to be had in Costa Rica, you don’t need to smuggle in drugs!


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