Dating in Costa Rica

When men visit Costa Rica and look for women, even the ones that know about the beautiful women that reside in Costa Rica are surprised how gorgeous the women actually are.  The beauty spreads across the entire country and for some reason, the women got all the good genes!

One of the examples of a beautiful Costa Rican is Candice Michelle, the famous GoDaddy girl.  She is of Costa Rican descent and known for her gorgeous looks and insane curves.  Women like her are naturally gorgeous, and most men who visit the country agree that women in Costa Rica are much more pleasant to date compared to American women.

Dating Facts in Costa Rica

Let’s talk about the fact that there are more women in Costa Rica than men.

Another fact is that most Ticos (Costa Rican men) are players.  They have multiple girlfriends, or worse, a wife and girlfriends.  Often times Ticas (Costa Rican women) are left with babies to raise without much support from the local men.  Sadly, some even turn to prostitution to make ends meet.

These reasons all lead to the local women having a desire to be swept off their feet by a Gringo or another foreigner with perceived wealth and better values.  Not to knock the Costa Rican men at all, but most American men will typically treat their women better than the Ticos do and they will also be much more faithful and responsible when it comes to paying bills and feeding mouths.

How to Meet Women in Costa Rica

The easiest way is to casually strike up a conversation.  Smile, laugh, and be direct.  Ask them to go for a coffee, as simple as that sounds.  Ticas just want to be treated well, and taken care of.  If you are sweet, smart, and funny, it’s easy picking up women in Costa Rica.

If you find yourself in a club or disco, ask them to dance.  While dancing is very popular in Costa Rica and can be done casually, it’s a great way to show a girl you are into her.  Even if you don’t dance well, or are uncomfortable doing so, they appreciate the effort.

Dating online is not a very big deal right now in Costa Rica.  Sure, some people do it, but the lack of economic means doesn’t help people when some sites charge hefty fees that simply aren’t feasible for the average Costa Rican.

You can meet women in restaurants, bars, super markets, and banks.  It’s not hard to meet women in Costa Rica, and with all of the natural beauty in the country, dating is quite easy.

When things escalate, go to a beach and spend a weekend.  That’s every Tica’s ultimate desire, to spend time on their local beaches.