Costa Rica Map

Ever wanted to know how to navigate the country of Costa Rica?  This page was set up to provide you with some generic maps that will hopefully give you a bit of more perspective.  If this is your first trip, it’s important to know that the country has two very different coasts, and traveling between them is very strenuous and time consuming.  It’s a small country, but it does not have roads like you are accustomed to.

With a size just over 51,000 square kilometers, it’s amazing how bio-diverse this country is.  Using a map will allow you to enjoy the country along with about two million other visitors each year!  Many people agree that this country is among the best places for a vacation on the Planet!

Not sure what to do here?  Read this page for all you need to know.

Make sure to read about the forecast for all seasons, which is dynamic, on this page.