Cloud Forest Costa Rica

The cloud forests that are based in the Central Highlands of Costa Rica are without any doubt the most scenic parts of the beautiful country Costa Rica is. They have spectacular mountain peaks that give you views of coffee plantations and volcanos below. The entire area is full of cloud forests that are on high elevations and rest beside banks of clouds. If you want to retreat from the city life, these are the best places to be. Here are the top cloud forests to visit in Costa Rica.

List of Cloud Forests in Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

The Monteverde Cloud forest Reserve in Costa Rica is the most popular cloud forest in the country. It is situated in the Atlantic and pacific slopes of the continental divide. It has more than 425 species of birds with millions of plants, thousands of species of insects along with mammals, reptiles, shy Quetzal bird and more. It is a sacred place to earlier civilization and the rare Quetzal bird is cherished by bird loves from across the world. The cloud forest is near the village of Santa Elena which is based off a small art community that features museums, galleries, lodging, butterfly gardens and plenty of restaurants.

Costa Rica Cloud Forest
The cloud forests in Costa Rica are among the most beautiful in the world.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens

The La Paz Waterfall Gardens are located in the central highlands cloud forests is a great place to have fun for both couples and families alike. The gardens are fully surrounded by natural and lush vegetation that is protected. You can go for a hike there in a well maintained and accessible trail that is located very near to the stunning waterfalls of the area. You’ll love this place because it is as close to nature as it gets. There is also a hummingbird gallery, a butterfly farm and many other wildlife exhibits available to look at in the vicinity.

Bajos Del Toro Cloud Forest

The Bajos Del Toro Cloud Forest is also located in the central highlands of Costa Rica. It is well known for having the El Silencio Lodge and Spa which is a popular destination for those visiting the cloud forest. If you are adventurous, you will be able to enjoy the untouched cloud forest while enjoying its misty vistas and all the amenities of luxurious eco-lodge. A personal guide also guides guests in the area who can take you to hiking trails through the cloud forest showcasing hummingbird gardens and many plant species that are special to the cloud forest.

Los Angeles Cloud forest

The Los Angeles Cloud Forest is great because it is the only cloud forest in Costa Rica that is often less crowded and is more accessible than the others. There are air currents in the area from Northern plains that join the Atlantic and Pacific fuse in the region. This creates a very rare climatic condition that often only occur at higher altitudes. It is located about an hour and half away from San Jose and is based on an area of 2000 acres that are private.