Chuck E Cheese Opens in Costa Rica

Chuck E Cheese

If you grew up anywhere in the United States, you definitely know what Chuck E. Cheese is.  As I have spent many children’s birthday parties at various McDonald’s locations, I often questioned why there isn’t a presence of this establishment, or better yet, a Dave & Busters.  While there are many activities in Costa Rica, there was a huge need of places kids could celebrate their birthday parties like they do in the United States and other countries.

Chuck E. Cheese’s Opens in Plaza Bratsi, Heredia

While the date was changed many times, it’s a welcome addition to the area.  There is a lot of need for an area where kids can have a birthday party and host other occasions under the entertainment of a third party.  Some $4 million has been invested into the deal, and there are three more planned for Costa Rica.  The current location will have close to 2,000 square meters and will have 60 employees.

For those not familiar with the brand, they offer an entertainment center catering to children mostly ranging between 2-12 years old.  They offer video games, mechanical games, fun houses, and much more.  It’s free to get in, and tokens are used for game play.  Pizza is the main course of food here, but they do offer a menu with chicken wings, salads, and other food.  In the U.S.A., it’s typically a destination for birthday parties and similar events for kids.

Additionally, the locations will have what they call a “Kid Check System.”  This is a seal (invisible) that has a number assigned to a child as well as the adult in charge of them so kids can’t leave the premises without their proper guardian.





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