Body Found in Limon is of Missing American

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These stories are starting to become more and more routine, and that doesn’t mean they get any more sad. In yet another Gringo moving to Costa Rica meeting a local gal and then suddenly disappearing story, the worst was just confirmed – the body found in Limon was that of the missing man, Thomas J. Cook.  First reports were read here.

Body Found is Identified in Costa Rica as Thomas J. Cook

Apparently Mr. Cook was living outside of Playa Jaco, in the beach town of Herradura.  His remains were found in Siquirres, Limón back on October 1, about two weeks ago.  He was last heard from way back on August 23, 2018, when it was said that he was on record taking out funds from an ATM in Jaco.

The story gets interesting when it was reported that he was spending a lot of time with a woman named Yaritza Hurtado, who hails from none other than Limon.

Why is this interesting, you ask?

Because this woman was encountered at the Hotel Cocal Bar and Casino, a known prostitution spot in the prostitution rich Jaco Beach.

Hurtado has been interviewed and maintained that the two were “good friends.”  She also appeared genuinely disturbed by his disappearance and the subsequent news.

Local Police have been saying they are concerned that Cook, 62, may have been an extortion target.  It’s no secret that Gringos are targets, so people, please keep your guard up and don’t show off.  There is zero upside.

We’ll have further developments on this story as more news surfaces.  We also send our condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Cook.  May he rest in peace.


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