The Best Hot Springs in La Fortuna

Arenal Volcano

After trudging through the rain forests while hiking after a long day of viewing volcanoes, waterfalls, and other beautiful sites, you could immerse yourself in the amazing La Fortuna Hot Springs, which is the perfect way to end the day. There is a wide array of natural pools, rivers, and hot spring resorts that provide serious thermal relaxation in this Costa Rican paradise. That’s why wellness seekers consider La Fortuna the top destination for health, longevity, and relaxation and all of Costa Rica.

No visit to La Fortuna is complete without taking a trip to one of the glorious Hot Springs. Below, I’ve decided to share my guide telling you about the best Hot Springs in La Fortuna, which will help you choose the perfect luxurious resort and incredible offering. For example, if you plan to live in the lap of luxury while enjoying the Hot Springs, you’ll want to check out Tabacon Thermal Resort. Or, if you plan to bring the kids along, the most kid-friendly resort is Baldi Hot Springs. There’s truly something for everyone that will deliver a worthwhile and satisfying experience.

Quick Information About La Fortuna

  • La Fortuna can be found in the Alajuela province
  • it’s a mere 3-hour drive from LIR International Airport in SJO international Airport
  • it’s best known for bird watching and wildlife watching, La Fortuna waterfall, and outdoor adventures including white water rafting and zip lining, mountain biking, ATVs, etc., tropical rainforest, Arenal Volcano National Park, and natural Hot Springs
  • La Fortuna has hundreds of vacation rentals and hotels to fit every budget including high-end resorts
  • La Fortuna can be reached from Liberia or San Jose without a 4 x 4
  • The weather is hot and humid all year-round with average temperatures between 70-85°F or 21-29°C. The months most considered the dry season lasts from December-April and the rainy season lasts from May-November. It can rain at any time during the year since it’s a tropical rainforest.

Tabacon Hot Springs

tabacon hot springs

Out of all of the Hot Springs in La Fortuna, Tabacon Hot Springs is definitely considered the most popular of the bunch. It’s made up of a handful of warm waterfalls and hot pools. The warm water and sitting areas perfectly blend in with the natural environment. Visiting here feels like you’ve entered a magical rainforest and wandered deeply into paradise. The Hot Springs experience here is something that you’ll never forget!

The gardens at Tabacon Hot Springs are truly stunning and one of the reasons why many consider this location the best of its kind in La Fortuna and the entire country of Costa Rica. If you have a plan on visiting during the high season, please know that it can get very crowded here, so you’ll need to purchase your visitors pass well in advance. This is especially true if you plan on visiting during summer vacation, holy week, New Year’s, and Christmas.

I personally want you to have the ultimate Tabacon Hot Springs experience, so I highly recommend staying immediately next door to the Hot Springs resort in Tabacon Hotel. They have an exclusive offer that allows hotel guests to gain access to the Hot Springs for an extra two hours, which is a blessing in disguise. They also offer exclusive access to Shangri La Gardens, a spa service dedicated exclusively to adults.

Tabacon Hot Springs isn’t necessarily the best place for visitors who are on a budget. Their Hot Springs pass price range begins at $80 per adult, which is the most expensive when compared to other La Fortuna Hot Springs. This price doesn’t include food either. But it is just 16 minutes away from La Fortuna by car, so it’s close to the action.

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Baldi Hot Springs

baldi hot springs

If you’re going to La Fortuna with a group of people, then you’ll definitely want to check out Baldi Hot Springs, because it’s perfect for visiting with a group. It’s also the area with the world’s largest Hot Springs, which makes it a beautiful sight to behold. It’s also a kid-friendly resort, which makes it perfect for families looking to enjoy the warmth and atmosphere. It has water slides, an interactive play zone for kids, with hot and cold pools, swim-up bars, caves, splash beds, and more. This is a popular location for school groups to visit, so if you plan on taking a trip with your friend group or multigenerational family, this is definitely the La Fortuna resort to check out.

As mentioned, this is the largest Hot Springs resort in the world and it boasts 25 different thermal water pools. One of their pools is extremely hot, which is ideal for anyone looking to go in for a soak and really sweat. There is also a cold water pool in a different section of the Hot Springs, which is unique because it’s surrounded by a large water pool, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

They have lots of fun caves that provide an amazing sauna experience, which is something that you will not get at other hot spring resorts because they don’t offer it. The swim-up bar pool has waterbeds, TVs, and other great amenities.

Unfortunately, Baldi Hot Springs Hotel does not have any exclusive perks for the Hot Springs that would be a big benefit to guests. But you can certainly feel free to stay there anyway if that’s what you desire.

The only negative that I have to mention is the food. Baldi Hot Springs Hotel food is not the best grub that I’ve ever eaten.

To purchase a day pass, it will start at $44 per day and this comes without meals. A day pass with meals for an adult is $66 per day. One positive is that the resort is just eight minutes away from downtown La Fortuna via motor vehicle.

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Ecotermales Hot Springs

ecotermales la fortuna

Ecotermales Hot Springs delivers a beautiful Hot Spring experience that is quite relaxing and enjoyable for everyone visiting La Fortuna. They have a number of different thermal pools, a cold-water pool, a waterfall, swim-up bars, and a natural pool as well. There are plenty of delicious cocktails to go around that go perfectly with the healthy mineral water that you’re bound to soak up on your trip. Their concrete paths are well-maintained, their changing rooms are clean and spacious, and they have lots of lockers, bathrooms, and lush gardens.

This is absolutely one of my favorite Hot Springs for couples and families. They have eight different thermal water pools with temperatures that range between 90-106°F or 32-41°C. And they even have a cold water pool to cool down if you’re in the mood to take a dip. When compared to other Hot Spring pools, this one doesn’t offer too much hydrotherapy because they don’t have any hydro-massages or water jets. And they only have two small waterfalls, which is slightly disappointing. But if you feel like having a good drink while taking a long soak, then this is definitely the Hot Springs for you.

They also have a fantastic lunch and dinner buffet with tasty food and all of it is farm-to-table. One thing to be aware of is the resort limits on how many people can visit the Hot Springs for each time slot. This is a good thing because it prevents overcrowding which provides a more comfortable experience for the guests.

The day pass fees are $45 per day for adults and $73 per day for adults with a meal. La Fortuna downtown is only nine minutes away by car.

I have visited Ecotermales Hot Springs, part of the Arenal Volcano San Jose day trip, and I can say with certainty that my group was very satisfied with the experience.

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Paradise Hot Springs

paradise hot springs

I must say that another amazing Hot Springs in La Fortuna is Paradise Hot Springs. This is a wonderful option for anyone looking to enjoy a gorgeous Hot Spring resort without having to mortgage their house just to afford the trip. It’s a wonderful option for solo travelers, couples, and families as well, which makes it nearly the perfect resort.

The thermal pools and Jacuzzis are filled with natural mineral thermal water, which is incredible and something you’re going to love. These Hot Springs are built for hydrotherapy, which is perfect for those looking for the therapeutic use of thermal water. As a guest, you’ll appreciate the water jets and various hydro-massages as well as the waterfalls of different pressures. This will allow you to take complete advantage of the amazing benefits of rich mineral water.

The average temperature of the thermal pools ranges from 95-104°F or 35-41°C. So, they definitely have excellent hot pools filled with thermal water that are perfect for just about everyone. To enjoy a full Hot Spring stay in Costa Rica, please feel free to book a hotel room at Paradise Hot Springs Resort.

The Paradise Hot Springs day passes are $38 per adult and $58 per adult with a meal. They also offer a premium day pass for $170. It’s an eight-minute drive to reach downtown La Fortuna from Paradise.

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Los Lagos Hot Springs

los lagos hot springs

Hotel guests of Hotel Los Lagos are in for a wonderful treat because they have their own Hot Springs on the premises. They are open to guests as well as the public. These aren’t the most natural Hot Springs ever created, which makes it seem like you’re spending more time in a water park than an actual Hot Springs. It’s a very fun place to visit though, which I can say from personal experience. It’s really a great place for families because they have a long water slide, lots of pools of varying temperatures, and so much more. Nevertheless, the Hot Spring pools are around 100°F, or 37°C, so they aren’t the hottest pools you’ll ever experience when compared to other very hot thermal pools.

The facilities for the Hot Springs are very nice and large, which is great for those who prefer a more spacious location. They have two water slides, a swim-up bar, pools that have their own waterfalls, and there is also a fake volcano on the premises. The day pass for Los Lagos Hot Springs includes the ability to visit the turtle pond and butterfly garden.

I really like recommending this resort to families because it’s an excellent budget-friendly option in La Fortuna, so if you’re with a large group or you happen to be traveling on a budget, you should definitely check out this location while here in Costa Rica. The Los Lagos hotel is very nice as well and the rooms are spacious and comfortable, and they have villas, superiors, and standards to choose from. One of the greatest things about the hotel property is the Hot Springs on the premises as well as the Emerald Lake and the view of Arenal Volcano, which is something you won’t want to miss.

The day pass prices are incredibly budget-friendly. It’s $18 per adult and $10 per child ages 7-10. It’s free for children under six years of age. To get a pass with one meal, it’s $37 per adult and $23 per child ages 7-10. Children under six years of age pay six dollars per meal. The Hot Springs are open to the public from 10 AM to 10 PM and they offer two dollars per towel rental, locker rental, and more. Los Lagos Hot Springs is only nine minutes away from downtown La Fortuna by motor vehicle.

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Titoku Hot Springs

titoku host springs la fortuna

Titoku Hot Springs is Arenal’s smallest Hot Springs facility. They only have eight Hot Springs pools that are relatively small and have varying temperatures. There is a bar and meeting room that holds 80 people as well as a waiting room.

Complimentary passes are given to guests of Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa, which is definitely a nice benefit.

When I visited with my friends, we stayed at Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa Hotel with the express reason of getting a complimentary day pass to check out the Hot Springs. Nevertheless, the resort also had their own Hot Springs on premises that were available to hotel guests only, yet the Titoku experience was pretty great nonetheless.

Nevertheless, the place is small and it isn’t exactly cheap either when compared to other Hot Springs resorts. Plus, it closes at 8 AM, which is earlier than many of the other resorts. It opens at 10 a.m. like the rest. Personally, if it wasn’t for the complimentary day pass, I can say with certainty that I wouldn’t have gone there.

The basic day passes are $33 per adult and $52 per day pass with a meal. The Arenal Kioro restaurant offers a special à la carte menu for guests. It’s easy to make reservations by calling 506 2479 1700. It’s also an eight-minute drive from the downtown section of La Fortuna.

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The Springs Resort Hot Springs

The Springs Resort & Spa
The sprawling pool and swim up bar have a direct view of the Arenal volcano.

The Springs Resort & Spa is incredibly luxurious and one of the best of its kind in La Fortuna. These Hot Springs are also some of the nicest in the entire area. Their property is extremely large and has two sections of Hot Springs on the premises known as Los Perdidos and Las Lagunas.

There are eight natural pools and four chlorinated pools in Las Lagunas, which equals 12 pools in total. There is a short trail in Los Perdidos that connects it to Las Lagunas, plus there are also seven pools there as well.

Since the property at the Springs Resort Hot Springs is so large, they actually have two-day Hot Spring passes for their visitors. You can spend two entire days enjoying the property and everything that it has to offer including walking down to the river, soaking in the natural pools and man-made pools, using the waterslide, and so much more. The waterfall pools have an amazing view of the river as well, which is fantastic in my opinion.

There is a swim-up bar at one of the pools that provides an amazing view of Arenal Volcano. The bartenders here were entertaining and quite funny and their eyes-cold drinks and cocktails were scrumptious to say the least. While here, guests can take the opportunity to check out one of their restaurants to enjoy lunch or dinner, which is included as part of the day pass.

I can say with certainty that out of all of the Hot Springs in Arenal, this place is definitely my favorite resort. In fact, it’s considered one of the best in all of La Fortuna as well. I visited in May and believe it or not, me and my group with the only ones down by the river pools. This resort has the perfect mixture of thermal pools, swim-up bars, chlorinated pools, secluded pools, and natural Hot Springs that you could ever ask for.

The only downside is the price because the day pass isn’t cheap. So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly Hot Springs, this probably isn’t the place to visit in La Fortuna. But if you do not care about the costs, then I highly recommend spending time here.

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Club Rio Outdoor Center

arenal volcano
View from The Springs. Club Rio is down below this thermal pool.

There is also an outdoor adventure club that’s part of the Springs resort. It’s located on the banks of the Arenal River and it’s called Club Rio. Guests can choose two activities and purchase a multi-adventure package. The activities include tubing, kayaking, horseback riding, guided nature walks, climbing the rock wall, or guided animal sanctuary walks. The multi-adventure trip also includes lunch as well as a two-day pass to the Hot Springs.

The Club Rio Springs Resort & Spa Day Pass costs $126.80. There are blackout dates and reservations are required.

The multi-adventure package costs $140.34 per adult. It’s a great deal if you plan on visiting the Hot Springs and want to enjoy a tasty meal as well.

Finally, if you have the money to spend, I highly recommend visiting their hotel and resort. The rooms are spectacular and have amazing views of the Arenal Volcano. Plus, the restaurant is incredible and the food is top-notch, the spa is amazing, and many celebrities visit this resort, so you never know who you’re going to run into while visiting here.

The Springs Resort is also just 20 minutes from La Fortuna center by car.

The Free Hot Springs

Would you rather avoid spending a large chunk of money to cut down on your travel expenses while still getting to enjoy Arenal Hot Springs? The locals in La Fortuna always visit the free Hot Springs whenever they need to relax and unwind without spending a fortune at the same time.

The entrance to the free Hot Springs is located across from the Tabacon Hot Springs building, which is about 100 m away. You’re allowed to park alongside the road and walk down toward the Hot Springs, which is technically the Tabacon River, which is naturally warm due to all of the volcanic activity in the area. You can locate it on Google Maps as well by searching for the Free Natural Hot Springs River. It’s the same river that supplies both Tabacon and Arenal Hot Springs for the entire area.

If you’re trying to go there on the weekends, you better get there early because it gets very crowded. Also, when parking along the side of the road, do not leave anything of value in your car. The parking guards aren’t the most trustworthy people in the world and they may steal your stuff.

Other Arenal Hot Springs

Other possibilities to check out include:

  • Los Laureles Hot Springs – good for those on a tight budget (only $9)
  • Termalitas del Arenal Hot Springs
  • Kalambu Hot Springs – similar to a water park with water slides, toboggan, and a water playground

Which Hot Springs Are the Best to Visit?

This answer depends on you. There are certain hotels throughout La Fortuna that have Hot Springs on the premises that are perfect for hotel guests. Those hotels include:

  • Arenal Kioro
  • The Springs Resort & Spa
  • Hotel El Silencio del Campo
  • Hotel Montana de Fuego
  • Arenal Manoa
  • The Royal Corin Thermal Water
  • Volcano Lodge & Springs

If you aren’t planning on staying at a hotel that has Hot Spring pools readily available, then you should consider visiting one of the Arenal Hot Springs resorts instead.

At the end of the day, your budget is going to be a huge deciding factor determining which Hot Springs you should choose. You should always book a hotel that already has Hot Springs available on the facilities. If you cannot for whatever reason, then Paradise, Ecotermales, and Baldi have great Hot Springs at moderate prices. More expensive options include The Springs and Tabacon.

My Recommendations

With all of that said, my personal favorite recommendations are The Springs Resort, Baldi – except the food isn’t great, and Ecotermales. The property of The Springs Resort is really large and it’s separated into sections. It’s really nice and the pools are spread out, which is an excellent way to design the premises. I really love visiting the pools, which is especially true of the ones that overlook the river. The pool with the swim-up bar and view of Arenal Volcano is amazing as well. The two-day Hot Springs pass is incredible to say the least.

Baldi is great because it’s a wonderful place to bring your family and friends. They have music, water slides, caves, and other awesome amenities.

Tabacon Hot Springs is so beautiful and it’s one of the most popular springs of its kind in all of Costa Rica. Nevertheless, it was a little bit too much on the expensive side for my personal tastes and many other people. It’s similar to visiting the blue Lagoon in Iceland, which is beautiful but also really crowded, really expensive, and kind of overrated.

Arenal Combo Tours with Hot Springs

Are you looking for a good tour to book while visiting Arenal or La Fortuna? A popular choice is the Arenal Combo Tour. It includes lunch, a hike to the volcano in Hot Springs, visiting the hanging bridges, and a waterfall. You can’t go wrong with this amazing tour.


La Fortuna and the Lake Arenal area of Costa Rica are some of the lesser traveled venues, but to me, the most memorable parts of Costa Rica.  Most people think of the amazing beaches in Costa Rica, but for me, there is nothing like soaking in the hot springs with the view of the volcano in the distance. It’s truly a sight you must see and experience for yourself!

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