48th Birthday Bash for CRT VIP Celebrity Jimmy

If you like a good time and want to enjoy a Gringo Friendly atmosphere in San Jose, check out the 48th birthday party for local celebrity Jimmy.

This will take place at the Sportsmen’s Lodge, which recently celebrated the Super Bowl party in Costa Rica.  Located in Barrio Otoya, you are all welcome to come by and join in the celebration.

Jimmy's Party

Birthday Party for Local Celebrity Jimmy

Come down and enjoy the DJ, who will spin 70’s, 80’s, and more.  There will also be a Mariachi Band and enormous cake!

Drink specials start at 7:00 PM and the party goes on until the joint closes!  If you haven’t yet read about the Sportsmen’s Lodge, click here.

Of course, all of the local ladies will be out and about, and you can dance your heart away on the dance floor.  The announcement we read here said to not bring a gift.

On another note, all of the Zona 2 girls are invited.

It’s certain to be a good time.  Come one, come all.


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