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    CBD oils have many herbal and medicinal purposes. Also known as Cannabidiol, CBD oils don’t have any “high” effect on its users. This is in contrast with the popular and psychoactive THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol.  We recently ran a story about the presence of vaping in Costa Rica, and thought it would be ideal to follow up with some information about a brand that’s making a big splash in the world of CBD.

    The CBD oils are appealing options for those looking for pain relief for various conditions. Although it doesn’t cure any disease, it can help ease symptoms that affect the person’s quality of life.

    Also, CBD oils don’t have any harsh effects like traditional pharmaceuticals. It’s also the reason why CBD oils are gaining medical traction all over the world.

    What is Thought Cloud?

    Thought Cloud is a producer of the finest CBD oils. It’s founded by Leo Pena back in 2017 and is currently one of the leading formulators of medical approach with the use of cannabis.

    All of the oils and other products from Thought Cloud are purely CBD so rest assured that you won’t get high. All of the products are tried and tested to ensure that there would be no traces of THC.

    Thought Cloud only uses high-grade hemp plant grown and harvested from Colorado. Through this, they produce a full spectrum of products like the following:

    Best Thought Cloud CBD oils

    If you’re looking for the best CBD oils in town, never miss the offers from Thought Cloud. Here are some of the prime products that you can enjoy:

    Signature Series Daily CBD Oil

    For those looking for an effective relaxant, Thought Cloud’s Signature Series CBD oil is a champ. The 60 ml bottle has a blend of MCT oil, CBD, and natural plant flavoring which can be apple, cherry, or grapes.

    Each bottle has a pure and premium 900 mg of CBD with no psychoactive effects. Overall, this will yield up to 1,200 drops. Also, it’s free of sugar, soy, propylene glycol, and gluten.

    Full spectrum VAPE CBD

    For those who want to take their CBD oil through vaping, Thought Cloud has the excellently formulated VAPE CBD. Like the Signature Series, this is non-psychoactive and certified vegan.

    The 30 ml bottle of this VAPE oil consists of 600 mg of CBD combined with MCT for better taste. This product comes in dozens of flavors like Horchata, Banana Split, French Toast, Choc Cherry, and more.

    Are you planning to buy? Here is a Thought Cloud coupon so you can enjoy your first product with the best bang for the buck.

    Why buy CBD oils from Thought Cloud?

    Thought Cloud uses only the best hemp plants harvested in select farms of Colorado. All of the products are extracted from 100% organic, raw, and non-GMO hemp for the highest quality possible.

    Here are the benefits of buying your CBD oil from Thought Cloud:

    Great for beginners. For those who aren’t familiar with the right dosage, the Thought Cloud products come with a full set of instructions. This way, you have peace of mind with every drop.

    Made in the USA. Thought Cloud is transparent with the sources and process of their products. Since their oils are made in the U.S., you’re guaranteed of the highest standards.

    Free shipping. Wherever you are in the U.S.A., you’ll enjoy Thought Cloud’s free shipping service. Your orders will arrive within 2-3 business days.

    If you are in Costa Rica, but have a way to get packages via JetBox or one of those services, give this brand a try. It’s a game changer!

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