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Escape Corporate America – Start a Business in Costa Rica

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You love the Costa Rican laid back lifestyle. You never want to go home to the 9-5 corporate drone. So Don’t! Stay in Costa Rica and start a business, live in paradise and go to work in your swimsuit.  Every year entrepreneurs are trading in their suits and ties for sandals and shorts and starting successful businesses in Costa Rica.

Entrepreneur Advantages

  • Strong Regional Economic Growth Rate – Latin America is one of the largest emerging economies in the world and Costa Rica is its most developed nation.
  • Positive Ease of Doing Business Ratings– The World Bank’s site Doing Business measures business regulation by countries. Costa Rica has improved its ease of doing business by 12% since 2012 and is continuing to rise steadily. It is twice as business friendly as its Latin American cousin Guatemala.
  • Micro Entrepreneur Support – Many homegrown programs, complete with grant monies and technical assistance, exist in Costa Rica presently. International business people are finding profits in all types of companies from small business to multi-national service franchises.

costa rica business growthAbove chart courtesy of Doing Business, The World Bank

Disadvantages for New Businesses

  • Central America faces issues of inequality, poverty, and corruption – All these could thwart your entrepreneurial efforts and increase your business expenses.
  • A lower percentage of college graduates – Can mean experienced and educated management-types are harder to hire.
  • Conservative Culture – Created by uncertain futures and generations of poverty, the people tend to be conservative and risk adverse to new ventures.


Examples of Entrepreneurial Businesses Started in Costa Rica

Two Expats get Juice – Chain of tropical juice bars started by two Americans

Story of Banana Bread Steve – A Hawaiian with a good recipe lives the good life in Costa Rica

banana bread business in costa rica


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By Marsha Kelly Business Blogger – Serial entrepreneur, after doing Time in corporate America, who has learned about what products and services really work well in business today. You can learn from my experience and my associates as we shop from the internet for tools, supplies, and information to build our businesses and improve the lives of our family and ourselves on our site http://best4businesses.com/

My strongest belief is that the safest, most secure and most lucrative job you can have is owning your own business. I learned this valuable lesson the hard way by investing time, energy and emotion into a corporate career only to be fired unceremoniously –when I dared think creatively outside the box. My entrepreneurial journey to starting my own business was first by necessity but then turned into a great blessing of prosperity and freedom. Graduating from the school of business hard knocks and learning how to start, manage, and then sell my business for over $1,000,000. Learned more about real life business this way that I learned in my four years at the NYU School of Business.

Hawaiian Night at the Sportsmens Lodge

So we have a common theme going on here in San Jose, and it’s that certain places love to throw theme parties.  Today we’re speaking about the Sportmen’s Lodge, which is no stranger to our blog here based on news going on in San Jose and the lovely country of Costa Rica.

This time, it’s a Hawaiian theme. 

We’ve previously highlighted events like this one and this one, all held at the same venue.  It’s very popular among expats, particularly American’s who want a laid back feeling and food they remember from the native land.  You can read our full review of the establishment here.

Date:  April 29th

Time:  7:00 PM

Location:  Barrio Otoya, San Jose

There is no cover charge!

Once inside, you’ll be able to party with numerous women dressed in tropical attire.  Dust of your best Hawaiin shirt and shorts as you know it’ll be a nice climate in the always lovely Central Valley of Costa Rica.  The bartenders will be dressed in typical Hawaiian attire as well, and the DJ will rock beach classics while dancing takes place.

Take advantage of 2 for 1 Margaritas, Pina Coladas, and Bloody Marys.

See you there!



Watch March Madness at Sportsmens Lodge

If you live around San Jose and don’t want to miss all the action of Men’s College Basketball, your in for yet another great time at the Sportsmens Lodge.

We’ve tracked down the calendar of events, and if the March Madness hoopla is something you can’t get enough of, you’ll have a blast in Barrio Otoya.  Just last week we posted about a birthday bash, and who could forget the best Super Bowl Party in the Gringo Gulch?

So come on down, the address is right here on the full info page.

Below is the calendar of events:

  • 2017 First Four: Tuesday, March 14 & Wednesday, March 15
  • 2017 First Weekend: Thursday, March 16 & Saturday, March 18
  • 2017 Regionals: Thursday, March 23 & Saturday, March 25
  • 2017 Final Four: Saturday, April 1 & Monday, April 3rd

The entire 20 day event will be televised at the Lodge.  Starting March 14th and running through the final game, which will be played on April 3rd.

Drink Specials:

1,000 colones for an Imperial or Pilsen during the games. 

2 Smoked Johnson’s Brats with french fries at HALF PRICE on days that are even, and a plate of chicken or beef nachos on days that are odd.  HALF PRICE.

Must be a CRT VIP Member.  (Ask at the Lodge.)   Come visit a top rated Gringo hangout in downtown San Jose.

Located in Barrio Otoya, within walking distance from all San Jose Hotels and casinos, including the Del Rey.

Don’t forget, it’s also a great place to stop by if you have a bachelor party in Costa Rica.

48th Birthday Bash for CRT VIP Celebrity Jimmy

If you like a good time and want to enjoy a Gringo Friendly atmosphere in San Jose, check out the 48th birthday party for local celebrity Jimmy.

This will take place at the Sportsmen’s Lodge, which recently celebrated the Super Bowl party in Costa Rica.  Located in Barrio Otoya, you are all welcome to come by and join in the celebration.

Jimmy's Party

Birthday Party for Local Celebrity Jimmy

Come down and enjoy the DJ, who will spin 70’s, 80’s, and more.  There will also be a Mariachi Band and enormous cake!

Drink specials start at 7:00 PM and the party goes on until the joint closes!  If you haven’t yet read about the Sportsmen’s Lodge, click here.

Of course, all of the local ladies will be out and about, and you can dance your heart away on the dance floor.  The announcement we read here said to not bring a gift.

On another note, all of the Zona 2 girls are invited.

It’s certain to be a good time.  Come one, come all.


2017 Super Bowl Party at Sportsmens Lodge

There is no shortage of things to do in Costa Rica, and you can add watching America’s most watched sporting event to the list of things on the docket down in the land of Pura Vida this year in 2017.

If you are a football fan, and want to throw back a few cold beverages with some expatriates, the Sportsmen’s Lodge is just the place to go!

Located in Barrio Otoya, downtown San Jose, you’ll find a lot to keep you entertained.  Here’s what’s in store for the 2017 Super Bowl party at the Lodge.

Party at Sportsmens Lodge for the Super Bowl!

Come Sunday, February 5, the party will start about three hours prior to the big game and will continue for about an hour after.  It’s an OPEN BAR with all of the local Costa Rica beers, Smirnoff Vodka, and Johnny Walker Red Scotch.  You can also get shots of Jose Cuervo Tequila, so bring your best drinkingi apparel!

There will be six menu items served throughout the game – you will NOT go hungry.

As always, Bill and his staff hooked up the Pilsen Girls to dance and will have a Mariachi band on premises.  There will be more surprises unveiled, of course, in typical San Jose Style.

As far as gambling, there is $7,500 in pool action, another $3,000 in raffles, drawings, and you’ll be able to bet on the game right on site!

 What are you waiting for?  Get your butt on over to the Lodge for the Super Bowl!
The cost is $60 per person.
This gets you call you can eat and drink for eight hours.  We don’t see stuff like this much in Costa Rica!
There will only be 200 tickets sold, so it’s a first come, first served basis.  Don’t delay. You can book right here on this page.

Costa Rica Bachelor Parties

So you are engaged and ready to receive your bride at the altar, but there is a part of you that is holding out just a little bit! Don’t feel jittery at all. This is natural and that is why every groom gets a provision of having an awesome bachelor party.

Inspired by this guide, I thought it was a good idea to give a run down of ideas for bachelor parties in Costa Rica.  While these ideas may not be for everyone, it’s a guide you can work off of.  Pura Vida!

A bachelor party is fun and officially bids farewell to your pre-wedding partying ways! So why not make the most of it? Though there are literally dozens upon dozens of choices available, Costa Rica tops the list to have a fun and adventurous bachelor party. And honestly, what is there to not like about Costa Rica?

A Bit About Your Party Destination: Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is a country in Central America and boasts beautiful, sandy beaches. It is these beaches and the beautiful, lush forests that make it a perfect holiday destination. It was under the Spanish Rule and you can still see the Spanish elements in Costa Rica. Here are a few interesting things to know about Costa Rica, before you embark on your journey!

  • Costa Rica is famous for its sandy beaches and natural beauty.
  • A quarter of its land is dedicated to conservation of wild life.
  • Costa Rica is home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as The Stone Spheres, Cocos Island National Park and La Amistad National Park.
  • Costa Rica boasts of over 50 species of Hummingbirds and 66% of neo-tropical butterflies in the world.

Bachelor Party Destinations in Costa Rica

When it comes to organizing a bachelor party in Costa Rica, be mindful that you will be combining fun and adventure together and it wont be a typical bachelor party. Costa Rica has two beautiful destinations to offer: Jaco and Tamarindo. Of the two, Jaco has become very popular for bachelor parties. Let us take a look at both of the destinations and let the fun begin!


Jaco is a bustling beach town in Costa Rica. It has recently become very popular because of its night time party atmosphere. Efforts have been made to make it an appealing beach town for everyone, including children. That said, for bachelor parties, Jaco still tops the list! Here are a few activities that are available in Jaco and that you can include in your bachelor party itinerary.

Downing Cocktails with Friends

The scenic Gulf of Nicoya and Pacific Ocean is a sight to behold. And what is better than to enjoy the sunset, over a tropical drink, with your buddies? Hotel Villa Caletas has a beautiful outdoor amphitheater, built on to the side of the ridge, overlooking the scenic Gulf of Nicoya.

You don’t have to be a stay-in-guest to enjoy the ambiance. You can just inform the staff that you are there for the sunset, grab your cocktails and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Riding the Waves

If you and your buddies are adrenaline junkies and water is what they crave for, then Jaco is the best place to be! This is a world class surfing beach with consistent waves that are perfect for surfing.

Surf shops are spread up all over the beach and it is easy to rent out surf boards and any other equipment that you need. So you can travel light and surf! If you haven’t surfed in a while, Playa Jaco has smaller waves that are not too overwhelming.

Carara National Park

It is hard to imagine a national park so close to a bustling beach town, but believe it or not, Carara National Park is one of the best places for bird-spotting. Adding a bit of adventure to your bachelor party can bring a surprising and welcoming twist for your pals.

It is located on the north and stretches into the mountains. Along the nature trails, you can observe monkeys, leaf-cutter ants and numerous species of birds. This is a beautiful place for photography, so make sure you have your cameras with you.

Sea Kayaking and Snorkeling

Snorkeling and sea kayaking are one of the most popular activities in Jaco, besides surfing. Booking it prior to your arrival is the best way to do it. The awe-inspiring scenery of the Pacific Ocean and paddling on the undulating waves are enough to make your trip a memorable one.

Snorkeling is another activity where you can get close to the tropical and colorful fish. If the weather is good, then swimming in the warm water is just what you need!

The Crocodile Trip!

On your way to Jaco, you will cross a bridge. Make time to visit this area. This bridge is built over famous Tarcoles River, which houses the hugest crocodiles you might have ever seen.

Even better is to take a boat tour of the Tarcoles River, where you can get up, close and personal to the crocodiles. It is not just the crocodiles, but you can also see a lot of birds and other wildlife, too!

The Nightlife

Jaco is a bustling town with a nightlife! There are a number of bars, offering everything from drinks to game nights and whatnot! Music, dance, drinks, everything is available. Make sure you have your ID and passport with you.


Tamarindo is in the province of Guanacaste, along the Nicoya Peninsula. It is a small town, but during the tourist season, it can swell up, literally! This is a testament to its tourist-friendly ambiance.

It is one of the most accessible places, with the provision of an airstrip and daily bus services. As compared to Jaco, it is considered a mellow spot, but it still has a lot to offer to the party-goers!

And don’t get us Started on the downtown San Jose night life.  (Full guide coming soon.)  San Jose, Costa Rica, is a pretty bustling area of sin.


The waves at Tamarindo beach are perfect for surfing, in fact Tamarindo is famous for it surf breaks. However, if you or your pals are not that great at surfing, you can hop along to Playa Langosta.

It is only a short walk away and offers smaller waves for amateurs. That said, whether you are an amateur or skilled surfer, you will end up having fun!

Swinging Like a Tarzan!

Now this is one activity that you wouldn’t want to miss. New Monkey Jungle has around 7 zip lines, with a Tarzan swing at the end! It quenches your thirst for adventure and gives you that adrenaline rush that you need! The zip lining and swinging ends with a fresh watermelon juice!

Turtle Love, Maybe?

If you and your buddies like to take things at a slower pace, then spending some time on a moon-lit beach is perfect for you. And if you are in luck, you might even get to observe the endangered Leatherback turtle laying her eggs!

The Bustling Nightlife

The night life is not as upbeat as the one found in Jaco, but don’t let this get you down. Monkey in the Best Western Hotel and Aqua are some of the best night places to party in. Monkey in the Best Western offers a ladie’s night, as well!

Sunset Sailing and Beaching

Sunset sailing has to be one of the most relaxing activities. Depending on your needs, you can hire a smaller or bigger boat. If you are not interested in sailing, then relax on the beach and take in the breath-taking sunset!

Caving in Barra Handa National Park

Caving may not seem like an activity for a bachelor or bachelorette party, but it is a relaxing activity. Just outside of Tamarindo is the Barra Handa National Park, which boasts around 42 caves. A hike through the dry forest leads you the cave-site. It is a truly unique experience, an experience that you would want to share with your best buddies.

Miravelles Volcano Tour

Miravelles Volcano tour, like caving, may not seem like an ideal part of a bachelor party, but it is a relaxing experience. On your way to the volcano site, you soak in the scenic beauty of Guanacaste.

Although this volcano has not erupted in a long time, some geysers and gas expels can be seen near the base. You end the trip with a soak in natural hot springs!

All in all, these activities may not seem to be the typical activities that you imagine for a bachelor or bachelorette party, but keep in mind the main reason you hold such a party. A bachelor/ bachelorette party is a way of spending some quality time with your closest friends. It can be any way.

There is no definition of how you have to or how you should spend it. If you and your friends are hard on clubbing, then so be it. If you are not, then you have other options too. The purpose is to relax and enjoy. Once you get married, your responsibilities increase and your life takes a U-turn, literally!

So enjoy and relax with your friends, calm down your nerves and step on to the altar with a confident smile!

Costa Rica is a naturally beautiful and scenic place to be, to calm your nerves and relax before your big day. So head off to Costa Rica and relax!

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do in Costa Rica.  Enjoy your bachelor party!